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Here are some of my write-ups from different kinds of source. Some are relevant informations and events but some are just excess thoughts that needs to be contained.

"The Game Of Life"

Have you seen the movie “Matrix”? Somehow there’s some truth on that sci-fi movie. Don’t you think that your life is a one big movie? But it’s like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” kind of movie. An interactive game… so interactive you can smell, feel and taste the environment. In any games you start from zero. No clothes, no knowledge, no clue, no money and no direction. Then on the first few seconds of the game you start adapting quickly. You start absorbing hints, clues, function, rules just by mere observation. How wonderful the human brain can do. There’s a saying that “Nothing is impossible to God.” But nothing is impossible with or without one. You choose your destiny. You choose your ending. Like a very good RPG (role playing game) you always look forward to the CG animation after every completed stage of the game. You’ll never know what will come. Any outcome there’s always a big Boss to fight. There are ways to fight the boss different techniques and strategies make the job done. In the game of life sometimes we lose but we restart the game to continue ‘coz we always want to see CG animations in our lives – these are the Kodak moments that we treasure. Accomplishments that keeps us longing for greater heights. We also get 1ups (extra bonuses and life) that usually found on hidden places… places where you least expect have these treasures. Allies can make the game easy but be careful which allies to choose you might get the one that lets you get lots of bonuses or sometime the one that will lead you to your demise. That is a very sad story specially if that character is a very favorite character of yours. And there are allies that you only use ‘coz you need it for the moment. Different allies for different situations like in “Mega Man” you have a companion dog and you choose which feature of the dog you use in every different struggle. I dislike those characters or bosses that drains life source or mana (magic) source. People sometimes pretend to be friends but they’re not. You are only friend with them as long you’re useful to them. Sounds familiar? Yeah a cliché for every RPGs or story (story of your life that is). We can’t avoid this stuff ‘coz it’s all part of the “Game”. The only thing you can do is use them to your advantage. Fight fire with fire. Phony friends don’t last long. Only use them as decoy or for killing time. Like a senseless game of “Tetris” you just fill the empty space with blocks, it’s ok to lose… in the end it’s all just blocks and the blocks will never cease to fall. These is just an escape to the RPG game you’ve desperately want to finish. So choose wisely which game to play… you don’t want to end up by getting eaten by zombies or get run-down buy a bus. Be observant, hidden treasures are everywhere – these are real friends, family and love ones that will get you through the best RPG that we call Life.

"Tyrants Of Life"

What’s up with people talking crap?! To turn down someone just to make them feel good for themselves. Superiority? is this the new insecurity? Well a lot of tyrants in the world history seems to have lots of insecurities. Like Hitler, Genghis Khan, Stalin and more have this kind of mental illness that is very contagious. They want to conquer the whole world… for what? So they can bully all the people they want. There are modern Hitlers and Stalins in the world at lease a hand-full you know trough your whole lifetime. They are the one that will under estimate you and pull you down. They get some kind of fix when they see other people suffer and struggle. Even if you succeeded on your dream they’ll befriend you, kiss your ass and suck you dry like a leech on a fat pig. Don’t worry most of these bullies doesn’t last long it’s either get killed by someone who hate them or hired to kill them or get caught on freak accident that is well planned by someone… well you’re right someone that they’d bullied for a long time and their only mission in life is to torture, kill or scheme some kind of revenge plot to these (bullies) worthless piece of shit. To the brave ones who attempt… I salute you!!!

"Master Of Thyself"

There are times when we have to follow standards. This standarts tend to restrain us from doing the maximun thing we want to do. How do we deal with this standard? Sometime we have to bend it. I always do bend it. You have to take risks. Risk is the only way to reach what you really want in life and life is tooo short to be wasting it on following standards that limits you on doing great things in life. So go out to the world explore and live as if there’s no tomorrow. Stop living for others, start living for yourself.

Don't be discourage by insecure, self-proclaimed masters telling you what to do or not to do. Do yourself a favor... Be your own master!
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