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3d Visuals

Here are some of my 3d visuals from past and present projects. At first it's just a hobby and now I've made a career out of it. Even at stressful times I manage to overcome it when the final image is done. Besides I get payed while killing time doing it and I love it!!!

Maldives Seychelles - Lounge Area

Maldives Seychelles - 3 Meal Restaurant 1

Maldives Seychelles - 3 Meal Restaurant 2

Grand Indonesia - Lounge Area (Jakarta)

Four Seasons Hotel - Reception Area (China)

Raffles Resort - Vanity Room (Thailand)

Raffles Hotel - Breakfast & Dinning (Singapore)

Four Seasons Hotel - Main Lobby (China)

Four Seasons Hotel - Corridor (China)

Four Seasons Hotel - Vanity Room (China)

Grand Indonesia -Ballroom (Jakarta)

Grand Indonesia -Bathroom (Jakarta)

Plaza indonesia - Bedroom Suite (Jakarta)

Note: To view all my 3d works go to Cloroflot 3D-Renderings. Kris Gironella - All rights reserved 2007-2011.
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