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About Me

The mind is a very complicated thing. When it overflows with ideas it spills and the spills are the result of expressive art. It's either photography, painting, digital surrealism, creative essays or music whatever form it may be it's all me. Welcome to my world.

Kris Gironella is a Senior Multimedia Designer of an Interior Design firm based in Singapore. Basically he does 3d design, animation and visual art. Uses 3ds Max, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro on audio-visual presentations and uses Adobe photoshop, illustrator and Lightroom on photos and graphic design. Also does event, concert and fashion photography on the side. Keeps an open mind to all forms of photography  and visual arts.

He's a happily married guy. Have a lovely wife and  blessed with a lovely daughter. Most of his works are dedicated to family and friends. They never fail to inspire.
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